Hey there!

So you are getting married. Congratulations! I am HONORED that you are here and have come this far to learn more about what I do.

My style of capturing your day is most likely going to be different than the majority of other photographers you inquire with. I want to document your day, how it unravels, and tell the REAL AND AUTHENTIC story of your day.

I want to capture your moments.


I want to capture the parts of your wedding that make it YOUR WEDDING. The quirks and twists and turns that make it uniquely your day. I don’t want to set up shots or recreate a moment from Pinterest.




I want to capture the unique way your partner touches your face. The way they place their hand on your back as you walk together. How you tilt your head when they lean in to kiss you. The way your wedding day ran an hour behind but you married the love of your life and had the time of your life. How your details complimented every part of your day while they were being worn.




How many images will I receive?

  • You can expect 50-75 images an hour. Some weddings will include more, and some will include less.  I strive for quality and I do not want your gallery to be full of  “fluff” images just to obtain a certain number.

Will you create a timeline for us?

  • No. I STRONGLY suggest you hire a coordinator or wedding planner to help with the flow of your day. I am more than happy to discuss how to best plan time into your day for photographs, but I will not be creating your timeline or enforcing your timeline on the day of. If you are running late,  will document your wedding day as is; late, on time, or early!

Why should we do a first look?

  • I am HUGEHUGE FAN of first looks. I STRONGLY believe that your day will be much more enjoyable with one. I find a large majority of partners appreciate the relaxed atmosphere to spend with you before you make one of the biggest commitments of your life. I feel you also get a truer reaction and can appreciate and touch and hold and LOVE on each other in private without the pressure of a crowd surrounding you. I can’t lie, and first looks make my job exponentially easier because we can complete all of your portraits before your ceremony, which means we most likely are working with plenty of daylight and less pressure to get you to your reception! (and I KNOW you want to spend as much time as your can at your party!)

How long will it take to receive our gallery?

  • I can realistically deliver a gallery in 6-8 weeks and a large majority of the time it ends up being sooner than that.

How many weddings do you take a year?

  • I am unique in this sense. I am very particular about the couples I take. I want us to connect. I want us to have the same desires for your day. I don’t want you to pick me because I was the cheapest or the most competitively priced. I want you to pick ME because you feel drawn to my art and personality. I am quirky and odd but I LOVE what I do and I think less is more in this sense. I aim to take around 6 wedding a year. 

Do you travel?

  • YES! I LOVE to travel and would be more than happy to discuss your plans for your destination wedding or wedding outside of the Atlanta area. My travel fees are low and reasonable. There are NO travel fees for the cities below with an 8-10 hour wedding
  • Asheville
  • Philadephia
  • Portland
  • Denver
  • Central/North Florida
  • Charleston
  • Savannah
  • Omaha

Do we have to feed you?

  • The way to my heart is food. Does this answer help? haha

Can we add an engagement session or rehearsal dinner coverage?

  • ABSOLUTELY! I do not include engagement or rehearsal dinner coverage in my packages, but you can add an engagement session on (for local weddings) for $100 only. Rehearsal dinner coverage is $250 an hour.

We are eloping. Do you make custom packages?

  • I sure do! elopements are priced custom depending on your needs. Please contact me!

What is your favorite drink at Starbucks?

  • Salted Cream Cold Foam Cold Brew or Iced coffee with cinnamon dolce and cream! I have a caffeine problem and I figured we should end on a light note. 🙂



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